• My songs beckon softly
    through the night to you;
    below in the quiet grove,
    Come to me, beloved!
    The rustle of slender leaf tips
    in the moonlight;
    Do not fear the evil spying
    of the betrayer, my dear.
    Do you hear the nightingales call?
    Ah, they beckon to you,
    With the sweet sound of their
    they beckon to you for me.
    They understand the heart's
    know the pain of love,
    They calm each tender heart
    with their silver tones.
    Let them also stir within your
    beloved, hear me!
    Trembling I wait for you,
    Come, please me!

  • As a child, I had a Richard Tauber Record. He sang: "In meiner Heimat wird es jetzt Fruehling." I played this on an old hand cranked gramophone until one day ,I dropped and broke the record. Since then I look for this song, but have not found it. Maybe someone knows, where I can listen to it one more time.

  • This is signing. Such beauty. No one today has beauty like this in his voice, He said once that to hear Caruso sing was to learn everything about singing.. But man he sung so beautifully himself.

  • @gtimny: You are perfectly right. That is the reason why Tauber is not remembered in the same way in Germany and Austria as he is in Britain. During his career in Germany before he had to flee into exile he sang in a style that is nicknamed as "knöddeln" with us. I have no idea why the heck the poor dumpling has to serve as a metaphor for that. It indicates a way of squeezing  out the tone, especially the high ones, in a dramatic way and reminds one of a poor fellow sitting on the loo with congestions. That is enhanced by wrongly accentuated vowels. In the end you may think of a tomcat in love. People loved that in the 1920s and 1930s and Tauber- especially when he sang Lehar- followed that trend. When there was a note to be sung that he could barely reach, he would purse his lips and close his eyes and the audiance believed from his mimic they heard a note that was not even there. I was surprised to hear Tauber then on later records made during the last years of his liefe. His voice matured as is the case with good red wine.

  • we were fortunate it was an Air raid on London Otherwise we would not have met him 🙂 Was a great experience and Honour You know he was the greatest exponent of Schubert.
    Reply to Louisemiriam.

  • What a fabulous experience to have met him as well as seeing him. I love Tauber, I was introduced to his singing by a mad keen fan who lent me loads of his CDs and never came back to reclaim them… Since then he's pretty much my favourite tenor. When he sings Lehar in particular, he's unsurpassable.

  • Sorry Road is Hayter Road. also date could have been 44 or 43, onlw way to be sure would be if you could still obtain old program of Empress Theatre. i am now way into my 80s and memories not as fresh as Yore 🙂

  • I am sorry hard to remember now, I was on leave from the R.A.F. It was during an air raid he was at the Empress Theatre in Brixton about 1943 it was a Solo appearance by him I do remeber we went to the basement after his performance that's where we met him Such a nice person, after my sister and I ran home with shrapnel falling everywhere We lived On Hayte Road Brixton Hill…

  • In 1944 I was on leave from the RAF and heard RICHARD TAUBER sing at The EMPRESS THEATER in Brixton London it was during an Air raid and afterwards I met him in the basement of the theater he was a gentleman and it was an Honour to meet him he has one of the finest voices in his range never tried to reach a note above his level just marvelous control to compare him with others is ridiculous! He stands alone and should never be compared he is an ICON

  • @DerryCummins It's all subjective taste of course. Yet if you heard either Gigli or Bjorling's renditions of certain arias & songs, & especially Lehar songs, then compared them To Tauber's, you might reconsider the idea that he was not fully their equal. Certainly Tauber lacked high C, but within that range he was just superb. There isn't a tenor in the world, then or now, who can bring a grin to my face like Tauber whenever he hits one of those fantastic Bb's!

  • @Ragnaroekk Like any other of the great tenors, Tauber's voice & style were distinctive & unique enough to polarize opinion. I can accept that he is not for you. But to suggest that his singing was uncultured, when he was world reknowned for his superb musicianship & enchanting lyricism, & his voice afflicted with tremolo when in fact it had perfect vibrato, – is so wide of the mark as to only invite ridicule of your comment.
    62 years after his death, he is STILL beloved with good reason.

  • This is what keeps me studying bel canto technique… exquisite, charismatic, moving… everything that makes Schubert Serenade worth listening to.

  • I like Tauber. He is a great tenor and he sings with his heart. I love listening him sing Schubert's Serenade. He does a great job. Great musician and great vocal chords to match.

  • simply divine a pure and wondefull voice that alas we shall never hear again in my lifetime he made mark well no one will ever fill this mans shoes

  • agree but love this clip. great piano playing and singing. harold lloyd would have the piano collapse after the song. ROGHARM or have glass and shatter the glass with his great voice.

  • Where ever did you find this? This is GREAT! Despite Tauber's goofy leering at the camera and the fact that he looks more like Harold Lloyd than Franz Schubert, it is an amazing little gem. A piece like this that we've all heard a million times (and often not done well) is given a new life by Tauber's uber distinctive voice and superb technique. His little effects don't bother me at all. A great musician. Although he looks better in his top hat and monocle than in this fright wig. Great post.

  • gtimny. Tauber was a superb musician & it shows here. The fact that he had the freedom to express himself by using rubato, enhances rather than diminishes the song. It is after all, a serenade, & would be diminished by an inferior musician who sings it to a metronome beat & is too 'precious'. Tauber's singing style is one of an incisive attack, – he was not given to slurring. Yet an instant rise to a note is also unmusical in singing, & he avoids this. His pitch is spot on, your criticism isn't.

  • through the night my songs are
    softly drawn to you;
    down into the silent grove
    darling, come to me!

    whispering slender treetops hashing
    in the light of the moon 😐
    eavesdrop of hostlie betrayers,
    fair one, do not fear!

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